Why Avios?

Let’s start at the beginning. Collecting airmiles can be a great way to travel the world for reduced air fares, whether it be slummin’ it in Economy or drinking champagne in First.
The first thing to note, is there are plenty of mileage/loyalty schemes by a whole plethora of airlines.
In this blog are tips on how to collect and spend Avios points. Avios being the loyalty scheme of British Airways in particular, but due to BA being part of the OneWorld alliance – you can redeem and enjoy flights with a number of different airlines. 17 in fact.

Why bother collecting air miles?

Here’s why I collect.
One of my first jobs was working in Savings and Investments (which is as exciting as it sounds). Its a fairly mundane world. But I took a few life lessons from it. One key one – always make your money work for you…because you can be sure that financial companies do!
Whether it be maximising the interest gained on savings, airmiles on credit cards or loyalty points for your shopping at your local supermarket, always get something back.
The amount of people out there who spend huge percentages of their income and get nothing in way of rewards or benefits is scarily high. You work hard your money, so make it work hard for you.

But anyway, why Avios for me?

A bit of background. I am UK based and a casual traveller (meaning I dont travel for work and therefore don’t accumulate that way), and personally chose Avios for a few reasons.

Firstly, my nearest airport is London Heathrow. The hub of British Airways. I’ll park the debate around whether BA is a good airline or not, but what BA conveniently offers for me is flights to most European and International destinations.
Secondly, as touched on above, being part of OneWorld, the redemption of Avios can be done across different airlines on an endless amount of worldwide routes which makes Avios even more appealing to me personally.
In the last couple of years alone, I’ve been able to fly First class to a number of destinations such as Hong Kong and Tokyo, Business to San Francisco on BA plus a load of flights within Club Europe (BA’s Business Class offering in Europe which is a debatable product) as well as experiencing Business Class on Cathay, Japan Airlines, Air Canada amongst others.
I’ve not done the maths on the total cash saving I have managed to accumulate over the years, but a recent trip in First Class to Hong Kong & Japan cost £550 return (plus an Avios contribution). The equivalent cost on the British Airways website was just over £7,000.

My first bit of advice is to align yourself with one scheme (whether it be Avios or Another).

Collecting points/miles requires quite a bit of dedication (and spend), so if you are like me and a casual traveller, spreading your attention (and spend) across different schemes will make the quest for reward flights that little bit harder. Unless of course, you are a frequent traveller across different airlines already in which you will probably find you can accumulate loyalty rewards quicker than those who are less frequently in the air.

Regardless of the airline scheme you choose. There is one commonality amongst them all. They all require you to spend money. Whether it be on flights or on credit cards. So read on, for some tips on how you can boost your Avios and Redeem to get those flights you want!

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